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ZTT has diversed xPON product lines such as EPON, GPON, 10GEPON, XG(S)PON (under development). We also provide series of solutions covering POL Solutions, FTTH Solutions and Safe City Solutions. With 20+ years experience in this field, the innovation and strong scene adaptability of ZTT xPON products can quickly meet the needs of diverse markets.


Design & Construction

Reference Standards

ZTT xPON products comply with the international standards of ITU-T G.984/988 and IEEE 802 series, meet relevant requirements of PRC Community Industry Standard (YD/T 1475-2006), and fully abide by the CTC2.1/3.0 standard.


Types & Purposes

  • EPON OLT: EP550/EP350 Converged xPON: GP5000-06/10CHS

    -Distributed architecture to meet line speed forwarding.
    -Dual MCU and dual power supply redundancy, TypeB/C dual-homing protection, carrier-level reliability.
    -Support access and aggregation integration of EPON/GPON/10GEPON/XG(S)PON/GE/10GE to reduce costs.
    -Large capacity, high density, support up to 128 EPON/GPON and 64 10GEPON/XG(S)PON.
    -Support routing function to achieve dual roles of PON access and core/aggregation.
    -Support COP management.

  • GPON OLT: GP2500 Series EPON OLT: P3000 Series 10G EPON OLT: P6500

    -Support layer-3 routing
    -Support 1:1 convergence
    -Support COP management
    -Support Type-B dual-homing

  • Full-scene ONU/Accessories

    -xPON ONU adaptive EPON/ GPON network.
    -Independent R&D of OAM/OMCI to ensure refined management through OLT.
    -Support COP management.
    -Improve the POL solution through IPPBX, optical splitter.


ZTT is one of the leading suppliers of networking solutions in China, whose xPON products and solutions are widely used in power, transportation, government, education industries.




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