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Chile [500kV overhead ground wire project]

Mejillones to Cardones 500kV Overhead Ground Wire Project
Site: Northern Chile
Promoting the connection of power grids in central and northern Chile and further building up the status of ZTT, as a mainstream supplier in Latin America's power market.

Germany [Offshore wind power general contract project]

EnBw Hohe See General Contracting Project of Submarine Cable for Offshore Wind Power Connection
Site: Hohe See
First entering the global leading European offshore wind power market in China, joining the ranks of whole-value-chain integrated service providers and leading the development of national submarine cable industry.

Bangladesh [33kV submarine cable project Barobkundo to Swandip 33KV]

Barobkundo to Swandip 33kV Submarine Cable Project
Site: Chittagong, Bangladesh
First contracting the international submarine cable project as a Chinese manufacturing enterprise by seizing the strategic opportunity of "One Belt, One Road".

Saudi Arabia [33kV and 15kV submarine cable project]

Saudi Aramco 33kV and 15kV Submarine Optical Fiber Composite Cable and Accessories Supply Project
Site: Saudi Arabia
Representing the highest level of "Made in China" and further consolidating the advantages of ZTT Submarine Cable in the high-end market.

Indonesia [Transmission line project]

JAVA-SUMATRA 500kV Transmission Line Wire Supply Project
Site: JAVA, Sumatra
Being the largest 500kV transmission line project for Indonesia National Grid up to now, with the maximum bidding amount among Chinese wire manufacturers in Indonesian wire market.

United States [230kV transmission line project]

US 230kV Barren Ridg Transmission Line Project
Site: California
First participating in the construction of major transmission line in North America with large-cross-section high-strength soft aluminum augmented capacity conductor and large-core OPGW, as an Asian cable manufacturer.

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