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Optic Fiber Cable

Outdoor Optic Fiber Cable for Enhanced Optical Communication Systems

ZTT is a leading global manufacturer of outdoor optic fiber cable systems, providing comprehensive solutions for telecommunication applications worldwide. With a rich heritage of advanced R&D, ZTT leverages cutting-edge technology to deliver custom fiber optic cable solutions. Our products have a global presence, serving over 138 countries and spanning more than 12,000,000 km. With an annual production capacity exceeding 3.5 million kilometers, ZTT is the specialist in outdoor optic fiber cables, offering superior products and services to meet every customer's needs in the realm of optical communication systems.


Design & Construction


ZTT fiber optic cable has a construction of optic fiber, loose tube or tight buffer or semi-tight buffer, strength members (FRP, Steel wire, Aramid yarns, Glass yarns, etc.), water blocking material (tube jelly, cable jelly, water blocking yarns, water blocking tape, etc.), armor (steel tape, aluminum tape, steel wire armor, FRP armor, etc.), cable sheath (PE, AT, LSZH, FRPE, PVC, Nylon, etc.). Meet with all kinds of operating environment.

Reference Standards

ZTT optical cable meet the international standards of IEC series (such as IEC 60794-1, IEC 60794-2, IEC 60794-3, IEC 60794-4, etc.), and can be supplied according to customers’ requirements of standards such as IEEE, EIA/TIA, BS EN, ANSI series, etc. ZTT also can produce optical cable with special requirements including rodent/termite protection, flame retardant, fire resistance, all-dry type, micro-bundle, invisible, low friction type, etc.

Types & Purposes

  • Steady application performance for Optical Accessories acc. to Telcordia GR1209-Core/GR1221-Core std.…

    -Good water penetration, mechanical and environmental performance

    -Places in duct, trench or channels, or directly underground

  • Underwater Cable acc. to IEC 60794-3 std.

    -Use steel wire as armor layer to provided excellent mechanical performance, meanwhile with good water penetration and environmental properties

    -Could be installed in the island, river or lake or directly buried installation

  • Fig-8 Self-supporting Aerial Cable acc. to IEC 60794-4 std.

    -Aerial installation along wooden or concrete poles or towers

    -Short span self-supporting overhead along telecommunication lines

    -Not used along power line for metallic type

  • ADSS Cable acc. to IEC 60794-4 and IEEE 1222 std.

    -Self-supporting overhead along telecommunication or power lines

    -Applicable for various customized requirements, and had provide ADSS of maximum fiber count up to 216, maximum span up to 1800m, maximum voltage up to 330KV and most critical climate conditions of ice thickness up to 30mm and temperature low to -60℃.

  • 3-strand Optical Cable acc. to IEC 60794-3 or IEC 60794-4 std.

    -Non-metallic elements as strength member to provide good tensile performance

    -Small size and light weight

    -Short span self-supporting overhead along telecommunication or power lines

    -Applicable for installation in duct.

  • Easy Branch Fig-8 Self-supporting Aerial Cable acc. to IEC 60794-4 std.

    -Optional notch opposite along sheath, convenience for cable stripe

    -One fiber per tube, easy to deploy

    -Short span self-supporting overhead installed in excess networks

  • All-dry Cable acc. to IEC 60794-3 or IEC 60794-4 std.

    -Gel-free cable core, using dry water-blocking material to provide good water resistance performance

    -Convenient for installation, reduce cable preparation, the number of tools required and installation time, and speed fiber access and clean up

    -Could customized designed to be duct, directly buried, fig-8 self-supporting optical cable, etc.

  • Lighting Protective Light Cable acc. to IEC 60794-4 std.

    -Using nonmetal reinforcement, eliminate lightning hazards

    -Production simplification, energy conservation and environment protection

  • Anti-rodent or Anti-termite Cable acc. to IEC 60794-3 or IEC 60794-4 std.

    -Glass yarns, flat FRP or round FRP armor providing good anti-rodent performance

    -Nylon sheath providing good anti-termite performance

  • Ribbon Cable acc. to IEC 60794-3 or IEC 60794-4 std.

    -High capacity optical fiber

    -Convenient in fiber splicing

    -Could customized designed to be duct, directly buried, fig-8 self-supporting optical cable, etc.

  • Color Stripe Cable acc. to IEC 60794-3 or IEC 60794-4 std.

    -Provide color customized according to requirement

    -Easy to distinguish between different operators with color stripes along cable jacket

  • Flame Retardant Cable and Fire Resistance Cable acc. to IEC 60331or IEC 60332 std.

    -Retardant PE or LSZH sheath materials

    -Flame retardant cable placed where high fire-resistance is required to prevent secondary fire spread

    -Firefighting sections where signals is required and place fire resistance cable where fireproof and heatproof features are required for a fixed time

  • Micro Blowing Fiber and Cable acc. to IEC 60794-5 std.

    -Light weight, small size, easy for installation

    -Blowing into micro duct with large transmission capacity in the limited space

  • Sewer Cable acc. to IEC 60794-3 std.

    -Good corrosion resisting, anti-rodent and anti-insect performance

    -Places in sewer duct in city to use pipeline resources effectively

  • Pavement Cable acc. to IEC 60794-3 std.

    -Good crush resistance for concrete road embedding installation with low depth of digging

    -Embedded installed in concrete pavement with no effect on the road traffic

  • Detection Cable acc. to IEC 60794-3 std.

    -Detect the point of continuity; comprehensively detect the various points of the object

    -Anti-high pressure and strong electromagnetic fields, radiation-resistant; can be used in a variety of hazardous working environments.

    -Used for the temperature and pressure measurement of oil wells and coal mines

    -Used for the temperature monitoring and detection of power plants and substations

    -Used for monitoring cables and transmission lines

  • FTTx Cable acc. to IEC 60794-2 std.

    -Bending-loss insensitive

    -Easy for connection between transmission equipment

  • Micro Bundle Cable acc. to IEC 60794-2 or IEC 60794-3 std.

    -Ultra flexible tube to provide excellent bending performance

    -Fibers could be taken from tubes striped with finger, and convenience for installation

    -General places in duct and building, also applicable for short span self-supporting aerial installation

  • Low Friction Drop Cable acc. to IEC 60794-2 std.

    -Optimum low friction performance of low friction coefficient≤0.15

    -Easy and convenience installation and connection

    -Places in duct efficiently with less frictional?resistance

  • Invisible Drop Cable acc. to IEC 60794-2 std.

    -Cable with adhesive glue is against the wall tightly after construction, but it can be taken with strong strength and it’s not easy to damage the lager area walls

    -Installed cable almost undetectable to the casual observer


ZTT Cable was established in 1992 and issued stock in 2002. As the backbone of thispublic company, optical cable factory manufactures ZTT’s all kinds of optical cables.

ZTT ADSS (All Dielectric Self-Supporting) and ribbon optical cable in communication has been listed in the National Torch Plan and been regarded as national new product.


ZTT 1000m and shorter span ADSS is the first one to pass national-level appraisal and set 3 records (one hundred million aeolian vibration, one hundred thousand wave, 1,000-hour salt spray test of jacket). These records make ZTT's ADSS passed most tests in peer competitors.

ZTT pays close attention to researching and developing product quality. We cooperate with Shanghai Communications University, Nanjing University of Post and Telecommunications, and have spent 30 millions on the optical fiber technology research centre and have its own intellectual property.

Representative Projects

Product Catalogues

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