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Optic Fiber

ZTT is a world-class optical fiber manufacturer and supplier, which has independent core intellectual property rights of optical fiber. So far, ZTT fiber is reference in 138 countries globally. ZTT optical fiber can be applicable for transmission system rate up to100Gb/s, and also has supporting technologies for 400Gb/s system.


Design & Construction


ZTT has her own research and development center, from fiber preform to optical fiber. ZTT have the unique fiber drawing technology, produce high quality products. ZTT optical fiber, which is made of high purity SiO2, Ge and coating acrylic resin, provides large capacity and fast speed for data transmission.

Reference Standards

ZTT fiber meet the international standards of ITU and IEC series (such as ITU-T G.652, G.655, G.657, G.651, IEC 60793 etc.) and can be supplied according to customers’ requirements of standards.

Types & Purposes

  • G.652.D fiber acc. to ITU-T G.652 std

    -Can work at O, E, S, C, L (1260nm-1625nm)

    -Low water peak loss and PMD coefficient, provide high speed transmission

  • G.654 fiber acc. to ITU-T G.654 std.

    -Can work at C(1530nm~1565nm) and L(1565nm~1625nm)

    -Large active area, can restrain nonlinear effect

  • G.655 fiber acc. to ITU-T G.655 std.

    -Can work at C(1530nm~1565nm) and L(1565nm~1625nm)

    -Low attenuation, chromatic dispersion, PMD and zero dispersion slope, and large active area meeting long distance system transmission requirement

  • G.657 fiber acc. to ITU-T G.657 std.

    -Can work at O, E, S, C, L (1260nm-1625nm)

    -Low Macro bending loss at smaller bending radius,

  • OM2+,OM3,OM4 fiber acc. to ITU-T G.651 std.

    -Suit for 10Gb/s transmission system

    - High coupling of LED and laser light source

  • ZTT-MSF acc. to ITU-T G.652 std. ITU-T G.657 std.

    -Can work at O, E, S, C, L (1260nm-1625nm)

    -Smaller coating diameter 200um instead of 250um of common optical fibers, and cost fewer space

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