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EPC Service:

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EPC Service

ZTT now extends its service to Finance, Design, Supply, Installation, Testing and Maintenance, and offers EPC, EPC+F, BOO/BOT solutions.

ZTT has executed different projects as contractor role in Cambodia, Philippines, India, Bangladesh, Argentina, Chile, Zambia, Uganda, Ethiopia, etc.


Product Chain

ZTT has full products chain to support our EPC project, which makes us has better ability to control the products cost, quality, and delivery time, etc. ZTT has strong financing channel in China with full experience of financing, established stable cooperation relationship with Sinosure, banks and funds. We are glad to provide financing solution for our customer & partner.


ZTT has built professional team for EPC work. We brought qualified personnel globally to set up our standard project management system. We also select local experienced engineer or manager who has good knowledge on local project implementation. We have our own engineering and construction company, we also signed strategy cooperation agreement with JSPDI&HEPDI to work together for HV system engineering work. During past years, we have completed nos. of projects inside and outside of China.