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SINCE 1978

Innovative Entrepreneurship

Scientific and technological innovation is the symbol of the core competitiveness of enterprises and the foundation for long-term survival of enterprises. ZTT will hold a grand meeting of technicians in every year - Innovative Entrepreneurship Conference. Adhering to innovation and attaching importance to innovation has become the consensus of ZTT. The company has given great support and care to the technical personnel's bit efforts, and as long as there are achievements, the company will not hesitate to reward. The Innovation and Entrepreneurship Conference has become a symbol and driving force for ZTT, which makes the technicians happy, refreshed and confident, and allows the professionals involved in technological innovation to be respected and given their status, and the innovation atmosphere of ZTT full participation is more intense.

At the same time, ZTT has provided a rich innovation platform for technicians, and built a state-level enterprise technology center, post-doctoral research station, enterprise field workstation, enterprise graduate workstation, ZTT Research Institute, Enterprise Key Laboratory and more than 10 at the provincial level or above innovative platforms such as engineering centers and engineering technology research centers.

“SanWo Common Innovation”Bringing ”Intellectual Property Bank”

Intellectual property category

Category of intellectual property rights including: group staff or team with the company's platform, resources, complete or in cooperation with research institutes and other external achievements of new product (including new products, new materials, new equipment, etc.), new technological achievements (including new technology, new technology, technical innovation, etc.), soft science achievements (such as paper, patent, standard, reasonable suggestion, etc.).

Intellectual property account

The above intellectual property rights arising from the production, management and operation of the Group are owned and used by the Group. Under this premise, the company has set up an intellectual property account for the relevant intellectual property rights, and its contribution is recorded in the form of intellectual property credits to its intellectual property bank account, and the results of the company's progress and development are shared accordingly.

Intellectual Property Development Fund

The Group draws a certain percentage of corporate profits each year to establish and enrich IP funds. Various awards for group innovations, such as government departments and industry organizations, are also included in the intellectual property fund,and intellectual property accepts donations from individuals or groups. The fund is used to reward employees who contribute to the Group's intellectual property.

Intellectual Property Bank Management Agency

Intellectual Property Bank Management Council

The members of the Intellectual Property Bank Management Board are composed of the director and a number of members. The director shall be the president of the group. The members are appointed by the company's management and staff representatives to make decisions on major issues of the Intellectual Property Development Fund and the Intellectual Property Bank.

Intellectual Property Bank Management Office

The Board of Directors has an Intellectual Property Bank Management Office. The members are composed of IPR Commissioners from various units. They are responsible for the operation and daily management of the IPR Development Fund and IP Bank Accounts of the Group.

Intellectual Property Bank Credit Process

Intellectual Property Bank is Concerned by the Industry

ZTT initiated the management of “Intellectual Property Bank” in domestic private enterprises, and was fully affirmed by Tian Lipu, then Director of the State Intellectual Property Office, and received attention and reports from many media such as China Intellectual Property Network, Xinhuanet and The Group will continue to promote the management of “Intellectual Property Banks” to encourage employees to participate in corporate management and various types of innovation, so that employees can enjoy the fruits of their own work and improve their happiness index.