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Submarine Cable Solution


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  • 01

    MVAC Submarine Cable

    ZTT is an experienced and reliable manufacturer and supplier of power cable. It forms about 4,000 kilometers of medium voltage (hereafte…
  • 02

    HVAC Submarine Cable

    HVAC submarine cables are widely used in the offshore connections further from shore or with higher transmitted power in the main applic…
  • 03

    HVDC Submarine Cable

    HVDC links are mainly used for the transmission of large amounts of power over a long distance with low losses, especially for offshore …
  • 04

    Submarine FO cable

    ZTT Submarine Optical Fiber Cables are designed for both the repeater and non-repeater systems, and widely used in-Telecom industry-Offs…
  • 05

    Submarine Cable Accessory

    ZTT provides reliable and comprehensive accessory system solution for submarine cable delivery, installation and operation. The system s…

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