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Cable Industry Innovates: ZTT Leads in Building a Smart Digital Network Ecosystem

2024/7/8 11:10:57

Recently, the "2024 Cable Smart Digital Innovation Forum" was successfully held in Nantong, hosted by the China Electrical Equipment Industrial Association's Wire and Cable Branch and the Shanghai Cable Research Institute, with ZTT Group serving as the organizer. The forum, themed "Smart Empowerment of Cables, Digital Development," brought together leaders and experts from cable manufacturing companies, research institutions, universities, digital software and hardware service providers, and smart equipment suppliers nationwide.

Xue Chi, Vice Chairman of the Wire and Cable Branch of the China Electrical Equipment Industrial Association and Vice Chairman and President of ZTT Group, delivered the welcome address. He emphasized that digitalization and intelligence are the driving forces of global development. Over its 30-year history, ZTT has been a leader in the cable industry, pushing for its own digital transformation while also contributing to the industry's digital advancement.

ZTT will continue to enhance the construction of intelligent digital network connectivity, leveraging industrial internet platforms to build data centers. Committed to development, cooperation, and mutual success, ZTT aims to play a pivotal role as a digital pioneer, working with the industry to create a smart internet ecosystem. The opening ceremony was presided over by Mr. Xie Shuhong, Chief Engineer of ZTT Group.

ZTT Group

ZTT Group, a global and leading manufacturer is active in the research development, design, production, supply, and installation complete with a wide product range in telecom, energy, renewable energy and marine system.

ZTT was listed on the Shanghai Stock Exchange (Stock Code 600522.SH) on Oct 24, 2002. ZTT has broken through the US$8.89 billion marks in revenue in 2019. A truly global company whose products are shipped to 147 countries. ZTT stronghold comprises 58 overseas branch offices, 6 registered subsidiaries, 89 plants (inclusive of 7 overseas plants), 7 research & development centers and over 16,000 employees.