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ZTT Unveils "Future First"Telecom Series at MWC Shanghai 2024

2024/6/27 9:31:08

On June 26th, the first day of the Mobile World Congress (MWC) in Shanghai, ZTT held a "Future First" product launch event, introducing four groundbreaking technological innovations designed to energize the industry.

Cross-polarization leaky cables and MIMO systems  with high rate characteristics

In the rail transit communication sector, ZTT in collaboration with China Tower, unveiled the cross-polarization leaky cables and MIMO systems  with high rate characteristics. This system, an international first, boasts a broad frequency range, high polarization purity, and balanced system loss performance. It significantly enhances 4T4R transmission rates in rail transit scenarios, offering public users a blazing-fast gigabit 5G network experience.

Low-power consumption 400G DR4 silicon optical modules

In the realm of data center interconnection, ZTT introduced the Low-Power Consumption 400G DR4 Silicon optical module. Developed jointly with the Shanghai Institute of Microsystem and Information Technology, this module features domestically produced silicon photonic chips and industry-leading manufacturing techniques. With high transmission rates, low power consumption, and a compact size, it greatly enhances data center interconnection efficiency and performance. This product has passed the new product sample evaluation organized by the Jiangsu Provincial Department of Industry and Information Technology, achieving an internationally advanced technical level.

Bend-Insensitive Four-Core Fiber for Data Centers

Addressing the high-speed transmission and cooling needs of data centers, ZTT launched the Bend-Insensitive Quad-Core Fiber and Modular Elastic Liquid Cooling System. The quad-core fiber offers excellent bend resistance, outstanding low-crosstalk characteristics, and low link loss, making it suitable for ultra-high-density access and ultra-high-density optical cables in data centers, supporting 400G, 800G, and even terabit-level transmission capacities.

Modular Flexible Liquid Cooling System for Data Centers

The modular liquid cooling system effectively reduces server temperatures, enhancing performance and stability while significantly lowering data center energy consumption. This system supports remote automated operations, intelligent fault diagnosis, and predictive maintenance. ZTT provides comprehensive cooling solutions, including back-door, cold plate, and immersion cooling systems, tailored to different data center cooling needs.

ZTT new product launch event garnered significant attention from numerous industry experts and clients. At the event, Zou Yong, Director of the Communications Technology Research Institute of China Tower Corporation Limited, Wang Yiqiong, Chief Operating Officer of Shanghai Xihe Technology Co., Ltd., Huang Haoliang, Secretary-General of the Jiangsu Refrigeration Society, Xue Chi, President of ZTT Group, Shen Yichun, President of ZTT Communication Industry Group, and Andreas Efrosinis, ZTT Greece Wireless Consultant, jointly pressed the launch button. Zhang Chengliang, Director of the Research Institute of China Telecom Corporation Limited, delivered a speech, officially unveiling the "Future First" series of four new products.

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