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Zhongtian 39 Sets Sail: Delivery of 5000-Ton Self-Propelled Full-Rotation Crane Ship

2024/4/20 10:38:29

On April 18th, a momentous occasion took place in Qidong, Nantong, as the next-generation integrated wind power construction vessel, "Zhongtian 39," was officially named and delivered.


"Zhongtian 39," a collaborative venture between ZTT and Haili Wind Power, invested in by Liyang Marine Engineering Co., Ltd. and constructed by Zhenhua Heavy Industries, stands at the forefront domestically in terms of overall size, configuration, and functionality. With a deck design load of 15 tons per square meter across its expansive 4,000-square-meter area—equivalent to the size of ten basketball courts—the vessel is poised to meet the demands of both international and domestic offshore lifting operations. It specializes in offshore wind power engineering procurement and construction (EPC) and marine resource development, primarily undertaking projects such as offshore wind foundations, offshore booster stations, and offshore oil and gas installations.


Zhongtian 39, the colossal monopile installation vessel of Zhongtian Technology Submarine Cable, triumphs in its inaugural sea trial, showcasing unparalleled maritime engineering. This nautical marvel epitomizes power and sophistication with its cutting-edge design, blending form and function seamlessly. The vessel's rhythmic engine roar orchestrates a symphony of engineering excellence during the precise monopile installation process, symbolizing a new era in marine time technology. ZTT's commitment to innovation is vividly portrayed as this oceanic titan sails into the future, leaving an indelible mark on the seascape of technological prowess.


The successful delivery of Zhongtian 39 signifies ZTT's steadfast advancement in the field of marine engineering, poised to propel the offshore wind power industry towards greater heights and quality. It represents a significant contribution towards realizing the transformation of energy structures and fostering green, sustainable development.

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