System Solutions

Fire Resistance Cable


Main Application

Used for railway and Subway.

Product types

FRP or steel wire center strength member

Metallic, nonmetallic armored or unarmored

Mica tape is optional

S-Z stranded or central tube structure

Retardant PE or LSZH sheath materials

Application standards

Flame retardant: IEC 60332-1, IEC 60332-3-24(Cat. C);

Fire resistance: IEC 60331-25; BS 6387

Halogen Free: Halogen acid gas 0.5% as per IEC 60754-1, 2

Low smoke emission: 60% (Min.) As per IEC 61034-1, 2


-Retardant PE or LSZH sheath materials

-Flame retardant cable placed where high fire-resistance is required to prevent secondary fire spread

-Firefighting sections where signals is required and place fire resistance cable where fireproof and heatproof features are required for a fixed time