System Solutions

Self Supporting Cable -ADSS


Main Application

Designed for the communication route of overhead high-voltage transmission system, and also can be used for communication lines under the environment of lightening frequent occurrence zone and large span.

Product types

Non metallic strength member

Single or double sheath design

Aramid yarn is used as the strength member to assure the tensile and strain performance, and Dupont is our Strategic partner.

Application standards

Design Guide: IEC 60794-4-20, IEEE 1222

Sheath Material: ASTM D 1248


Applicable for various customized requirements, and had provide ADSS of maximum fiber count up to 216, maximum span up to 1800m, maximum voltage up to 330KV and most critical climate conditions of ice thickness up to 30mm and temperature low to -60℃ Outer sheath can be classified into PE and Tracking resistance PE to correspond the space potential below and more than 12kV