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Submarine Cable Accessory


ZTT provides reliable and comprehensive accessory system solution for submarine cable delivery, installation and operation. The system solution can cover all cable applications in wind farm, oil & gas and power transmission industries. ZTT has in house manufacturing capability for several types of accessories. At the same time, we maintain a close partnership with many accessory supplies with proven track record worldwide and include all accessories required in ZTT's Cable Package.


Reference Standards

The accessories’ design, manufacture and test comply with typical DNV, ISO and IEC series standards etc. It can also be customized as per specific project conditions.

Type & Purposes

ZTT has developed series of standard accessories as below, and is willing and capable to design other accessories as per specific requirement and site conditions.


J-tube Seal Single eye chinese finger

3.jpg         4.jpg

Abandonment kitHang off

5.jpg         6.jpg

Pull-in headBend restrictor

7.jpg         8.jpg

Repair joint box – PowerRepair joint box - Fiber

9.jpg         10.jpg

J-tube centralizerSplit cast iron protection pipe

11.jpg         12.jpg

Split flexible protection sleeveBeach joint


Branch joint

Other accessories, like flame retardant sleeve, tie back grip, buoy system, etc and special requirement can be designed, supplied as per project requirement.


In order to solve any potential issue during cable installation and operation, ZTT has built an internal experienced team to provide the following services:

-Site installation: Smooth and complete installation

-Site supervision: To make sure the installation and operation is as per ZTT SOP or applicable guidelines.

-Training course for clients.

-Accessory installation.

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Submarine Cable Accessory