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ZTT is an experienced and reliable manufacturer and supplier of power transformer. ZTT transformers always play a key role in the reliable transmission and distribution of power. ZTT transformer range covers all mainstream requirements like low temperature rise and environmentally friendly products etc. We can guarantee long-term reliably operation with high quality.


Design & Construction

As we all know, the construction, rated power, voltage level and scope of the application are all key factors that determine the transformer’s design. The transformer is mainly composed of winding and magnetic core. The winding is usually made of electrolytic copper of a high conductivity and insulation material. The magnetic core is usually made of laminations of non-ageing, cold-rolled, grain-oriented, silicon steel of high permeability without burrs.



Reference Standards

The products meet the international standards of IEC 60076 and can be designed, manufactured and tested according to customers’ requirements. We can also produce transformers with special requirements including low loss, low noise and fireproof etc.

Types & Purposes

  • High overload transformers acc. to IEC 60076 std.

    -Transmission and distribution power grid, municipal infrastructure construction

    -Smooth operation at high overload condition.

  • 4A transformers acc. to IEC 60076 std.

    -Ocean platform and port




    -Anti-pollution flashover

    -Smooth operation at extreme marine environment

  • ULTformer acc. to IEC 60076 std.

    -Transmission and distribution power grid, municipal infrastructure construction

    -Ultra Low-Loss

    -Low CO2 Emission

    -Type Test Report by International Authoritative Testing Institutions

    -Ultimate Technology for Ultra Low-Loss Transformer with Amorphous Core

  • Box-transformer acc. to IEC 60076 & IEC 62271-202 std.

    -Compact structure, convenient installation and simple on-site construction

    -Reliable overall unit and better heat dissipation

    -Complete protection and high degree of automation

    -Substitute for traditional PV transformer and inverter room

  • Three-dimensional roll core Transformer acc. to IEC 60076 std.

    -High energy efficiency

    -Lower No-load loss and lower noise

    -Better cooling efficiency

    -Strong anti-short circuit ability


We now have vacuum casting production line made by the international advanced level of German company HEDRICH and dry transformers technology software of Austrian ENCO Company. 


There are international advanced level Joe grid line, domestic advanced foil type winding machine, more than 30 sets all kinds of equipment, partial discharge detector, lightning impulse generator, induction voltage regulator and other test equipment. The annual production capacity is up to 7 million kVA.

The various series transformer products have achieved ISO9001:2015 quality management system certification, ISO14001:2015 environmental management system certification, ISO45001:2018 occupation health and safety management system certification. Dry-type transformers have also achieved France BV certificate, Norwegian DNV certificate, the United States ABS certificate and China classification society CCS certificate; and 31500kVA/35kV oil-immersed type transformer has passed CESI certificate; moreover, both oil-immersed type transformer and dry-type transformer have passed SIRIM certificate.

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