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ZTT forms about 42,000km annual capacity in China, 20,000km in India, 12,000km in Indonesia and other 8,000km in Brazil. ZTT has become a professional company which has the biggest OPGW output and has satisfied different customers’ requirements with quickest delivery time. ZTT OPGW is mainly divided into: central-type stainless steel tube OPGW, stranded-type stainless steel tube OPGW, al-covered stainless steel tube OPGW, aluminum tube OPGW, lightning resistant central stainless steel tube OPGW with compressed wires and OPPC.


Design & Construction

Stainless steel tube OPGW: stainless steel tube is hermetically sealed by seamless welding. The tube is filled with water resistant gel. This tube provides complete protection to the fibers from longitudinal and lateral water/moisture ingress. The interstices in between the stainless steel tube and the metallic wires are filled with anti-corrosive grease for protection from corrosion.


Al-covered stainless steel tube OPGW: optical fibers are placed in a hermetically sealed stainless steel tube covered with aluminum layer forms an optical unit. The central al-covered steel tube is surrounded by single or double layers of metallic wires. Good anti-corrosion performance well suited for highly corrosive environment without requiring the use of anti-corrosive grease.

Aluminum tube OPGW: optical fibers are placed loosely in plastic tubes embedded in a hermetically sealed aluminum tube. The aluminum tube is surrounded by single or double layers of metallic wires. Material and structure are uniform with good resistance to corrosion.

Reference Standards

The products meet the international standards such as IEC60794 and IEEE1138, and can be manufactured according to customers’ requirements of standards like NBR, BS and so on.

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Drafter of IEEE 1595 OPPC standard


Participate in the revision of IEEE 1138 OPGW


Conference in the US of IEEE Power Optical Cable Standard

Types & Purposes

  • Large number of fiber core OPGW:

    -Largest fiber core is 192 at present, with uniform excess length and stable performance. Longest fiber excess length is more than10‰, and with good attenuation performance.

  • Anti-corrosion OPGW:

    -after 1000h test, no dotted corrosion appears on surface of OPGW cable, the result is better than international standard.

  • Ultra-low loss OPGW:

    -Qinghai Golmud to Tibet Lhasa ±400kVDC networking project, with average loss of less than 0.172dB/km.

  • No fiber strain OPGW:

    -through process control and also fiber excess-length control, OPGW has no fiber strain at 85%RTS, and additional attenuation is low, this kind of OPGW is typically applied in North America.


ZTT OPGW, OPPC, ADSS and other special power optic cables are comprehensively used in optical fiber communication industry of power grid net work and telecommunication. Furthermore, the cables, which its total amount is over 520,000km, have been sold to more than 120 countries, such as America, Canada, India, Poland, Thailand, Australia, Spain, South Africa, Ethiopia, Brazil, Chile, Indonesia and so on. 
It has made such many new technical records as large cross-section, big cores, large capacity, long span, ice resistance, sand, lighting resistance and ultra high voltage


Technology: ZTT Optical Fiber Composite Overhead Ground Wire(OPGW)has the unique technical advantages.

Upholding “technology leading” market strategy, ZTT continuously develops new OPGW products like the most comprehensive and most complete OPGW products.

Manufacture: ZTT has built the largest OPGW manufacturing base in the world.

Currently, ZTT has four production bases in China, India, Indonesia and Brazil with production capacity about 82,000km.

Quality: The quality of ZTT (OPGW) keeps foremost in word.

ZTT set up complete, advanced test center, with complete product test equipment and obtaining international qualification certification, controlling the quality of raw materials and finished products; What’s more, ZTT choose the raw materials from domestic and foreign brands to insure the high quality of OPGW products.

ZTT has passed the tests by authoritative institutions at home and abroad, such as Canada KINECTRICS, Netherlands KEMA, EN-Polish National Power Laboratory, China Electric Power Research Institute and Shanghai Electric Cable Research Institute.

Supply Performance: ZTT OPGW online running more than 540000 km, widely used in more than 120 countries and regions.

ZTT set new records of large-section, big count fibers, high-capacity, long span, large temperature difference, high voltage, heavy ice, anti-sandstorm, anti-thunder damage of global OPGW brand. ZTT can meet various requirements of power and communication field.

Perfect and comprehensive solving plan

ZTT can offer specialized fittings, accessories, joint boxes, distribution boxes and connectors for OPGW, and we are totally responsible for the quality of the matching products offered. Advanced technique solutions can be provided according to the requirements of the customers.

Service: The perfect pre-sales, sales, post-sales service of ZTT wins universal praises from customers.

Our company spends huge sums to introduce the world’s most advanced B-OTDR (Brillouin Optical Time Domain Reflectometer). And we are unique to use B-OTDR to do client review in the world.

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