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ZTT is an experienced and reliable manufacturer and supplier of arresters. ZTT has about 500,000 sets of 10-750kV metal oxide surge arresters annual output and becomes a professional company and satisfies different customers’ requirements with quickest delivery time. ZTT has rich experience and successful supplies.


Design & Construction

Electric energy in the production, transmission, distribution to the load terminal in the process, generation - transmission - distribution equipment was inevitably suffered voltage invasion. No matter if the overvoltage is from the atmosphere or inside or operating overvoltage, etc., it will cause damage or permanent damage to the equipment. At present, the oxide-metal surge arresters are recognized as the most excellent over-voltage protection devices, so we installed arresters to ensure the safe operation of transmission lines is very necessary. At the same time, we designed a variety of products, to adapt to different situations and needs of our client. Arrester should according to the Dimension or installation instructions for construction. .


Reference Standards

The products meet the international standards of IEC series and can be manufactured according to customers’ requirements of standards such as AS, IS, etc. ZTT also can produce fittings and accessories with special requirements.

Types & Purposes

  • Distribution type arrester

    -Condenser arrester

    -Motor type arrester

    -Substation type arrester

    -Transmission line arrester

    -Electrified railway arrester

    -Transformer neutrals arrester

    -Drop-out arrester

    -Porcelain coat arrester

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