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Countdown to carbon tariffs by 1000 days! ZTT's Green and Low Carbon Manufacturing Action is on the Way

2023/4/7 10:54:43

Today is April 7th, with 1000 days left until the EU implements the carbon border regulation mechanism (referred to as carbon tariffs) on January 1, 2026. On March 12, 2022, 391 days ago,  Xue Jiping ,Chairman of ZTT Group unveiled the countdown to carbon tariffs for ZTT Group.

In early 2022, ZTT was the first company in the industry to release the "Green and Low Carbon Manufacturing (GLCM) Action Plan (2021-2030)". Over the past year, ZTT Group has  carried out carbon verification , adopted new energy-saving technologies.We are striving to create a green manufacturing system.

As of the end of 2022, the total installed capacity of photovoltaic green power at ZTT's power station has increased to 381.8MW, with an annual power generation of 423.9103 million kWh.The proportion of green power has increased to 8.7%, equivalent to 428000 tons of carbon dioxide emissions reduction.We also widely use energy-saving technologies in the factories, achieving a 15% reduction in energy intensity and a 30600 ton reduction in carbon dioxide emissions by 2022. In 2022, we have built three national level green factories.

Today, at the 1000 day countdown to carbon tax, We will continue to perfect the green manufacturing system.

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