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ZTT Released ZEST MUSE 1.0 Liquid Cooling System

2022/6/24 14:24:39

The construction of a new power system with new energy as the main body is an important measure to achieve Emmission Peaking and Carbon Neutrality. As an important means to ensure the stability of power quality, ESS technology will become the core element supporting the development of new power systems.

ZEST MUSE 1.0 Liquid Cooling System -- Mature, Universal, Safety, and Efficient four in one, brings customers more flexible and innovative energy storage solutions.


Equipped with a new generation of LFP batteries independently developed by ZTT, MUSE has excellent performance, for example, the cells are applied with ceramic coating, it adopts BMS multi-level balance and preload structure module, its cycle life is over 10,000 times. IP67 battery unit box effectively isolates condensation water and external temperature, maximizing the performance of the cells, with a service life of over 20 years.


The container structure and size conform to GB standard, and its material is made of high weather-resistant steel plates and long-life seals. The protection level is IP65. There are multi-level 3D beams in the container, which are suitable for transportation in complex road conditions and flexible hoisting.

The system voltage is compatible to more than 90% of the HV PCS in the industry. The adjustment range of the system power is wide, adapting to various energy storage scenarios.


MUSE fire protection system follows the design principles of PACK-level monitoring and CLUSTER-level spraying. It selects a combustible gas monitoring system and a four-level early warning mechanism to accurately monitor battery status. Environmentally friendly and safe perfluorohexanone, covered to each battery box by the pipe network, achieving precise fire extinguishing and efficient cooling.


Patented liquid cooling plate and professional pipeline design, having an advantage of precise temperature control and efficient cooling. The maximum temperature of the battery can be controlled to be less than 35°C, the temperature difference less than 2°C, and the comprehensive cooling energy consumption reduced by 15%.

High-energy density design, compatible with side outlet solutions, Compared with traditional air cooling system it saves 15% of floor space. At the same time, combining with a convenient and efficient integrated transportation solution reduces the on-site installation and commissioning time by 30%.

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