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ZTT held the countdown unveiling ceremony of carbon tax

2022/3/14 10:12:31

On March 12, ZTT held the countdown unveiling ceremony of carbon tax.Fu Jing, leader of State Grid Nantong Power Supply Company, Xue Jiping, chairman of ZTT Group, Xue Chi, CEO of ZTT, directors of ZTT industrial groups, green and low-carbon manufacturing directors, as well as suppliers and media representatives attended this ceremony.Ye Zhenhua, chief brand officer of Zhongtian Technology, presided over the event.

Today is 1391 days before the EU implements the carbon tariff rules on January 1, 2026. ZTT actively integrates with world trade and is committed to ensuring the sustainability of production processes and to safeguarding the environment.Through more than a year's efforts, the energy consumption intensity has been reduced by 10%, the carbon emission intensity has been reduced by 12%. This year,the carbon emission ofZTT manufacturing will be reduced by another 10% on the basis of last year.

 Two representatives of suppliers also delivered speeches in this ceremony. They introduced their work in green and low-carbon, and said that they would actively cooperate with the realization of ZTT carbon emission reduction goal and establish a sustainable green supply chain from the aspects of energy conservation and consumption reduction, process technology upgrading and new energy application.

CEO Xue Chi said that ZTT will establish and improve the green manufacturing system, comprehensively carry out carbon verification, and make good use of new technologies, new processes, new equipment and informatization. ZTT will consistently develop green energy industry and participate in afforestation. It is planned to realize the complete substitution of green energy through spontaneous self use and green power trading by 2026. The goal is to plant more than 1000 mu of trees by 2025 and offset 1000 tons of carbon per year.ZTT will also build a green supply chain and aim to reduce the carbon emission per million yuan of the top 100 suppliers by 10% in 2025.

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