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Medium Voltage Power Cable

ZTT is an experienced and reliable manufacturer and supplier of power cable. It forms about 10,000 kilometers of medium voltage (hereafter called MV) power cables annual output and becomes a professional company and satisfies different customers’ requirements with quickest delivery time.


Design & Construction

The MV cable (6kV~30kV) has the construction of a conductor (copper or aluminum, max. cross section:1000mm2) insulated with the cross-linked polyethylene(provide superior heat resistance 90℃), shielded with metallic screen (metallic tapes or wires etc.) and armored with metal tape/wires according to requirements, finally to be covered by extruded PVC (ST2), PE (ST7) or halogen free (ST8) sheath for anti-corrosion.


Reference Standards

The products meet the international standards of IEC series (such as IEC 60502-2, IEC 60228 etc.) and can be manufactured according to customers’ requirements of standards such as ICEA, AS, BS, DIN etc. ZTT also can produce XLPE insulated cable with special requirements including waterproofing, termite protection, rat proofing, river crossing etc.

Types & Purposes

  • Eco-friendly cables acc. to IEC 60754, IEC 61034 std.

    -Places where suppression of smoke and toxic gases is required

  • Fire retardant cables acc. to IEC 60332-3 std.

    -Public facilities and large industrial sites

    -Places where high fire-resistance is required to prevent secondary fire spread


ZTT has a complete industrial chain of continuous casting and rolling copper/aluminum rod, copper tape and medium voltage power cable. We design and manufacture the cable as per client’s project requirement and international standard (such as IEC, ICEA, AS etc).


We offer various cable design as per our client’s requirement, like copper tape/wire shield, double armor, PE/PVC sheath, etc. We also have modern management mode to ensure the price advantage of our products and have received certifications of ISO9001, ISO14001and ISO18001.

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